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What Are Maintenance Responsibilities Of Landowner and Tenant Under The Model Tenancy Act 2019?

SECOND SCHEDULE - [See Section 15 (1)]


As per Section 15, the landowner shall be responsible for repairs relating to matters falling under
Part A and the tenant shall be responsible for matters falling under Part B.

Part A

Responsibilities of the Landowner

  1. Structural repairs except those necessitated by damage caused by the tenant
  2. The whitewashing of walls and painting of doors and windows
  3. Changing and plumbing pipes when necessary
  4. Internal and external electrical wiring and related maintenance when necessary

Part B

Periodic repairs to be got done by the tenant

  1. Changing of tap washers and taps
  2. Drain cleaning
  3. Water closet repairs
  4. Wash Basin repairs
  5. Bathtub repairs
  6. Geyser repairs
  7. Circuit breaker repairs
  8. Switches and socket repairs
  9. Repairs and replacement of electrical equipment except major internal and external wiring
  10. Kitchen fixtures repairs
  11. Replacement of knobs and locks of doors, cupboard, windows etc.
  12. Replacement of fly-nets
  13. Replacement of glass panels in windows, doors etc.
  14. Maintenance of gardens and open spaces let out to or used by the tenant.